Cloud networking

>> Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cloud networking is the interconnection of components to "meet the networking requirements inherent in cloud computing". Cloud networking allows users to "tap a vast network of computers that can be accessed from long distance by a cell phone, laptop or mobile device for information or data".

Legal issues

U.S. Trademark 77,596,599 Arastra, Inc. (aka Arista) applied to the USPTO to trademark the descriptive and generic term on 20 October 2008 on a schedule 1(b) basis (intent to use) for Networking hardware and software to interconnect computers, servers and storage devices; computer software for use in controlling the operation and management of networks; computer software for use in connecting computer networks and systems, servers and storage devices; instructional manuals sold as a unit therewith despite extensive prior use of the term by other companies like Asankya ("the leader in Cloud networking services"), the existence of various solutions in the space already and generic use by the pressand bloggers.
This trademark status was listed as abandened 3 February 2009, perhaps due to a similar loss of Dell from their attempt at "Cloud Computing" being too generic.


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